JUDr. Marek Dvořák

  • I graduated from the Law Faculty of Masaryk University in Brno in 2008. In 2012 I also completed rigorous training in the field of financial law focused on international taxation of income, and I became a Doctor of Law.

  • Beginning in 2008, I worked at the Příbram and Prague law firm Janák Zeithaml & Associates, first as an articled clerk under the supervision of JUDr. Antonín Janák, and later as of 2011, after passing the Bar Exam, as an independent attorney and partner. Over seven years I have acquired extensive experience in all areas of law. I have participated in traditional cases as well as large cases in the fields of business, civil and criminal law. For the duration of my career, I have cooperated intensively with tax adviser Ing. Václav Dvořák and FINVEST Příbram s.r.o. when resolving complex tax law cases.

  • In 2015, I decided to establish my own legal practice with a general focus. I provide my services in Czech and English. My clients range from individual clients to local government bodies and even large business corporations. Besides being a member of the Czech Bar Association, I am also a member of the Union of Czech Lawyers and the Příbram District Chamber of Commerce.


  • I also offer legal services to foreign clients in English. I specialise in representing foreign clients in dealings with Czech courts and other authorities, where I defend their interests in disputes related to Czech law. I regularly work with law firms abroad, which seek a national attorney for representation during solution of a client's specific problem.

  • I offer foreign law firms consultations related to solving problems subject to Czech law. I am able to provide authentic translations of Czech legislation into English. I can provide effective and quick advice by e-mail or phone, or I am able to travel to the client's location.

  • I offer legal services particularly in these branches of law:

    • civil law
    • business law
    • tax law
    • family law
    • employment law
    • criminal law
    • administrative law
  • I possess a large list of contacts with other legal professions, such as notaries, distraint officers and tax advisers, and I ensure complete legal resources for clients.

  • Attorneys from Slovakia, Germany, Switzerland, Poland and Australia cooperate with my law firm.